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Video playback on Nokia 6100 display

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Using a XMOS processor and a FTDI vinculum embedded USB host chip i have managed to play video on a nokia 6100 (knockoff) display with a frame rate of 16.66 FPS.

Playing 2012 trailer at 16.66FPS (the RAW file was created for 12FPS and thus the movie plays a little bit too fast):

Playing Family Guy at 16.66FPS

I have converted the video to still images and converted them to a 12 bit RAW format.
The RAW file is uploaded to an USB stick with FAT16 file system.

The FTDI vinculum chip can reads from the USB stick and also implements the FAT16 file system, so the XMOS processor can easily open and read/write files without having to take care of the file system or USB stack.

The concept of the FTDI vinculum is very good, only the implementation could be a lot better.
The vinculum chip is in fact just a microcontroller with special USB hardware and runs a firmware.
There are several firmwares available for somewhat different functionality.

Unfortunately these firmwares (I only used the VDAP firmware though) aren’t that stable.
For example the SPI interface seems to have a bug which makes it totally unusable.
I have been able to read from the SPI interfaces but when i try to write to it the device locks up.
How do i know that the device locks up? Normally if you remove or add an USB device (USB stick) it will write a message to the transfer buffer that can be read. However when it locks up it does not responds to removing/adding a device and you will not read any new data.

Luckily the chip has two more interfaces: UART and parallel.
They both seem to work as expected. I have used the parallel interface because it can have higher transfer rates (The UART is limited to 3Mbit/sec).

Now the vinculum chip has two different protocols: a human optimized ASCII protocol (extended command set) and a machine optimized ‘binary’ protocol (short command set). Unfortunately this machine optimized protocol isn’t that machine friendly at all and in fact is just a shortened ASCII protocol.

Unfortunately my code is nowhere near mature so i won’t publish it at this moment.
Besides that the vinculum chips is limited to about 400KB/sec (good for 16FPS with 25KB RAW frames).
I think a SD card will be a better solution to play video from a RAW format.

Nokia 6100 display driver (PCF8833 controller) for XMOS processors

Friday, December 25th, 2009

I have created a driver for the Nokia 6100 (knockoff) display using the NXP PCF8833 controller.
This driver is targeted at theĀ XMOS processor architecture.
This driver is largely based on Jamie P. Lynch’s driver.

For more information and downloading the project see my project page on XCore Exchange, the community for XMOS processor enthusiasts.


Color test


Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Today i visited Demcon, a company specialized in mechatronics. They gave a tour in the company today. I was a bit late so the presentation about the company was already started when i arrived. After the presentation we had some demo’s of some of their products: A humanoid robot, a smart tennis robot and a foot photographing device (yes i know it might sound weird :p).

Google Chrome disk activity

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

I am using Google Chrome (version now for a few days and i noticed that once in a while Chrome is heavily using Disk IO while i’m not browsing and there’s only one website open. After each IO operation(s) Chrome uses a lot more CPU time for a second and then waits for IO again. I wonder what Chrome is doing…

Chrome disk usage

Chrome disk and CPU usage

Edit: After some investigating on the web it seems like disabling phishing and malware protection will do the trick.

My Call of Duty collection

Saturday, August 30th, 2008
cod collection

cod collection

Call of Duty 3 is missing because it was never released for PC platform.

Snow in the end of march

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Snow at 25 march 2008

Snow in march